Have No Doubt

When people engage a real estate agent to act on their behalf, they should have no doubt about that individual. An agent can have all the best (marketing) tools and even be a competent negotiator, but if they’re not 100% committed to achieving the best possible outcome, disappointment is certain to ensue. Of course, all real estate agents will endeavour to convince their prospective clients that they are in good hands. They will almost certainly incorporate reassuring words and phrases in their repertoire such as: honesty, integrity, go the extra mile, attention to detail, reputation, experience, negotiation skills, but these are all meaningless unless you know them to be true which, of course, one rarely does. As a past colleague once said of succeeding in real estate “As an agent, once you have mastered feigning sincerity, you have got it made”. Unfortunately, there is more than a little truth here, which has prompted me to start “HAVE NO DOUBT”, a question and answer type of a blog on FB where I am happy to field any questions anyone would like to run by me for an objective and honest answer. So, go right ahead and I’ll do my best to respond as efficiently and effectively as possible, as a real estate agent once said!